5 things America’s Next Top Model taught us about work

Tyra Banks has announced that series 22 will be the last for everyone’s favourite modelling competition, America’s Next Top Model. 

In celebration of 22 cycles of brilliance, we are taking a look at the ways in which Tyra and the gang have shaped our lives and offered such golden advice to carry around the office.

1. There’s always room for a theme

Tyra taught us the importance of choosing a theme and committing to it. She always opened the show with such iconic themes – that time in Cycle 8 when she dressed as a kangaroo AND had an actual kangaroo hopping behind her. Or that time she opened Cycle 11 with a space theme that she stretched to the absolute limit. No matter the occasion, Tyra showed us that there is always time for a little drama and a costume.

2. NEVER roll your eyes at the boss

Perhaps THE defining moment of ANTM was in Cycle 4 when Tiffany got evicted, and rather than cry, she laughed to herself and rolled her eyes. Big mistake. Huge. Tyra launched into the now iconic tirade in which she uttered the line “I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you”. Note to self: do not scoff when you are being told off by your boss, because you will be told off even more.

3. If in doubt, pixie crop

We all know that Tyra’s favourite part of the makeovers was to cut off all the hair of some poor unsuspecting amateur model. This taught us that when your boss wants to give you a haircut, they will give you that haircut. In Cycle 5 Cassandra left because Tyra wanted to cut even more of her hair off (as if there was any left to cut). This is also a lesson in knowing your limits – for Cassie, it was baldness.

4. Surprise is everything

Tyra loved a surprise, and was always one for throwing the girls a curveball. Remember when she told both Jayla and Nicole to pack their bags, but went on to announced that it was because “we’re all going to London”? That shows that sometimes you need to add a little drama to your everyday work life, just to keep employees on their toes.

5. Keep smize-ing

Perhaps the most important lessons in all of this is to “smile with your eyes”. Once you have mastered that, like Tyra, you’ve got it. Whatever ‘it’ is.

Now what?