5 foods you thought were really bad for you but AREN’T!

Ever wondered why all the best foods are super bad for your body? Us too. But this could all be about to change, because it turns out some of them aren’t that unhealthy at all!

Check out our list of surprisingly healthy snacks, and then hit the supermarket for some serious comfort food shopping.

1. Dark chocolate

Now we don’t mean immediately stuff your face with Bournville and watch the weight drop off. As with any food, moderation is the key. But research has shown that eating dark chocolate can help you to avoid junk food cravings and reduce the metabolic effects of stress.

2. ‘Fatty’ fish

When it comes to food from the sea, the fattier the better. Coldwater fish such as salmon, trout and herring are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which appear to lower blood cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease.

3. Coffee

Your morning caffeine hit not only wakes you up, but it also has great health benefits. It stimulates the brain and nervous system and lowers the risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s, mood problems and even headaches!

4. Beer marinade for meat

What?! Most people think that beer is only good for bloating – but not so! According to a recent study, brewing your burgers in a hoppy marinade can reduce the formation of carcinogenic compounds (which can cause cancer) in your meat.

5. Mushrooms

Those greasy, fatty things you stick in your Sunday morning fry up can – if used in the right way – actually have amazing health benefits. They are the only vegetable source of vitamin D, which many people are short of these days, and is needed to keep your bones healthy.

Now what?