Columnist and blogger Lara Lain: 5 skills you transfer from your travels to your desk

Lara Lain left her glitzy career in the media behind in January 2014 to go and work abroad. She bought a one way ticket to Thailand…and ended up going around the world twice, visiting over 10 countries, working in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and volunteering in Brazil for the FIFA World Cup during her travels.

Lara had worked at LOOK magazine for four years and left a life she loved in London to pursue a world of the unknown. She wants to inspire others to follow their heart – if she can do it anyone can! Lara currently writes from her apartment overlooking Bondi Beach, her little haven which she considers her ‘ultimate dream’.


Image credit: Lara Lain

No matter how far or how wide our travels stretch we will, at some point, return to work again.

Whether that be forging a career you hadn’t considered before you said goodbye to home or picking up where you left off with a role you left behind, work comes back to us.

But this time it’s different.

Among the many things we learn whilst exploring our glorious world here’s 5 we take back to work with us…

Curiosity encouraged the cat

During our travels we are constantly seeking. As we work we begin to see new opportunities in places we may have never noticed so clearly before. Become handy with your camera? Maybe taking charge of building your brand on Instagram is your new calling.

New experiences become King

The fear of the unknown is no longer a problem in the workplace. You may fail, you may succeed – you have become more resilient. You’re prepared for trial and error to develop yourself … things don’t play on your mind like they used to.

Risk taking has become your norm

You’ve developed a thick skin through what you’ve experienced out of your comfort zone. You’re prepared to put your neck on the line for potential benefit in the long run. You’ve mastered the art of weighing up pros and cons!.

Networking is second nature

Conversations you’ve had with locals in your favourite country become backbones for building confidence with new connections. Struggling to converse in various languages has made you adaptable and confident. You have honed your ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and peers, both old and new.

Passion drives you forward

You found so many things you loved to do whilst on the road, many of which are transported directly into making you a better worker. Small things like keeping a travel diary hones your ability to write engaging content on a regular basis – little wins like this create a bigger picture for you to appreciate your working days more.

Travel not only shows us the beauty in which we live but it trains us to become better versions of ourselves, sometimes without even realising. Picking up work after a stint away brings out some of the most important skills you absorb as you travel. In turn, you will be forever grateful to the time you spent away from your desk.

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