5 sites to boost your budget this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the most expensive. There’s all the gifts to think about, the parties and celebrations, not to mention the mulled wine, which does not pay for itself.

Don’t let Christmas and the strain on your bank account stress you out. We’ve got 5 ways you can get a little extra cash in the bank for all of those presents that need buying.

1. Mazuma

The company with that slightly irritating advert with the catchy song that always gets stuck in your head. Mazuma lets you sell on your old mobile phones that have been sitting in a drawer since you upgraded. Sort them all out and trade them in to make a little extra cash.

2. eBay

Declutter this Christmas and get selling on eBay. It seems like an obvious suggestion, and it is, but it’s a really easy way to get rid of old junk and make some money for the festive period. Simple to use and you’re killing two birds with one stone by getting your cupboards organised before the new year.

3. Streetspotr

Companies use sites like Streetspotr for market research. You sign up and are given simple tasks, like going to a shop and checking out the customer experience, then filling in feedback. It’s basically mystery shopping, and you can take on as many tasks as you like. Fit this in around your everyday routine and before you know it you will have pocketed a tidy sum.

4. Roamler

Roamler is similar to Streespotr in that it offers insight into customer experience companies by sending regular people on review tasks. You can download the app and complete missions on the go, fitting in as many as you have time for.

5. Swagbucks

This is a site that sets you the task of completing surveys, watching videos and exploring shopping websites to then offer reviews. They pay you in gift cards rather than hard cash, but you can put the gift cards to good use by spending them on whoever you need to buy presents for this Christmas.

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