5 signs that you should wave bye bye to your relationship

Having doubts about your relationship? Ever wonder if the grass would be greener with someone new? It’s normal to question your relationship at times, but if there are some bigger underlying problems, you need to address them now. Better now than further down the line, right?

Here are five signs that you should end your relationship now. Thank us later.

1. They can’t accept you for who you are

Is your other half trying to change you? That’s not a great sign. I had a boyfriend who criticised me a LOT. I needed to go to wear something more conservative, to lose weight, to learn to cook….blah blah blah. Luckily I dumped him. If your partner is super judgemental and unable to accept you for who you are then you should dump them ASAP.

2. You put in the effort, they don’t

Is your partner always down at the pub and you’re at home waiting for them? Once in a while this is OK, but if it happens too often then you need to break up with them. Don’t let anyone become complacent and take you for granted. You need to both be putting in equal amounts of effort for your relationship to work.


Eww. Being single means avoiding gross PDAs like this!!! (Image Credit: Instagram @negin_mirsalehi)

3. You really struggle in the bad times

No relationship is laughter and fun all the time. Stress, bad moods and life’s rough patches come along. If your partner always pushes you away when things get hard then this is a really bad sign. You should be a team that works through problems together.

4. They don’t let you be independent 

Having a boyfriend/girlfriend who also moonlights as a personal slave/butler sounds pretty great, in theory. In reality this would be super clingy and weird. If your other half can’t back off and let you have a life (e.g see your friends and go to parties alone) then you should end the relationship before it becomes toxic.

5. You’re not on the same page mentally

If you’re ready to settle down and be committed but your other half isn’t, then you may need to rethink whether you should be together. Trust is THE most important part of a relationship and if you don’t have that then you’re not going to last as a couple. Sit down and talk. If you think you’re too different then maybe it’s worth splitting up.