5 reasons you should take a week off social media

It’s the ultimate challenge for any tech-spert and socialite in today’s digital world. Seven days free of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any social media. Are you up to the challenge?

There are loads of reasons why heading into a digital black hole for the week can be beneficial. From giving you a health boost to actually raising your happiness levels, it’s about time you gave it a try…

Still not convinced? Check out our top five reasons for giving up social media and tell us we’re wrong.

1. Science says so

A new study from researchers at the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen has found that taking a week off from Facebook can make you a happier person.

They divided a group of 1,095 daily Facebook users, between the ages of 16 and 76, into two groups. One was allowed continued access to Facebook and the other was banned.

Seven days later those disallowed their daily fix felt 55 per cent less stressed. The proof is in the pudding. We just hope they don’t ban people from that too…

2. The big pro(ductivity)

Let’s face it, social media is a huge time waster, the biggest there is. You might kid yourself that an hourly scroll through Twitter is a ‘well-earned’ break that you need, but you really don’t.

Sure have a break every so often, but there are so many better things to do with that time. Read the news (the real news) or check out your favourite column. Maybe listen to some music, just don’t open Facebook.

3. Self-esteem down the drain

There is nothing more harmful to our general well-being than seeing your friends bragging about the best parts of their lives all over the Internet. It can really start to make you feel inadequate.

So ditch the endless holiday photos, the couples clinch snaps and the red carpet moments and remember to feel happy in the moment.

4. Real interaction

If you’re really desperate for friendly communication, then do it properly! A two second birthday greeting or an Instagram like is hardly a declaration of your continued love and friendship is it?

Instead, make time for a Skype call or maybe even a conversation face to face over some drinks, fancy that!

If you’re worried you might be forgotten in the whirlwind of daily online life, don’t be. Whatever you have to say can be said at a later date.

5. In the interests of privacy

Plastering your every move on the Internet isn’t going to do wonders for your private life. Should all of your million Facebook friends really know what happened on Saturday night when you had one (or 12) too many Tequilas?

The answer to that is no. Our lives are far too open in the tech age and besides the fact that everything on social media is recorded in some way, it might actually be nice to keep a few things to ourselves now and then. Trust us, you’ll appreciate it.

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