5 reasons you need to hear Lena Dunham’s new podcast

Unless you’ve been living under a ‘fun-less’ rock for the last few months you’ll know all about Girls creator Lena Dunham’s upcoming podcast series Women of the Hour.

“I decided to explore the themes of my book further, talking to an array of women I love and admire in order to bring you an audio collage/feminist variety hour”, is what the writer says about the forthcoming project, available from tomorrow (November 5) on iTunes.

Still not convinced it’s a goer? Well allow us to teach you otherwise with these five definitive reasons why you need to hear what Lena’s got to say on the airwaves.

1. Celebs, celebs, celebs

The 29-year-old actress has managed to organise a whole host of celebrity guests for her new show.

Academy award nominated actresses Emma Stone and June Squibb are some of the first names to pitch their tents next to Dunham’s feminist extravaganza. Laughter will be in the air, that’s for sure.

2. Content’s looking good

“Please subscribe if you like bad-asses, deep questions, giggling, sexual healing, Gaia life force, style, summer-camp, cute kids, the Internet and feminine power,” is Dunham’s message for potential fans.

Do you need any more motivation to tune in than that?

3. Short but sweet

Anyone remember blockbuster audio-sensation Serial from 2014? Well it only consisted of 12 sub-hour episodes. Some TV series can last for more than 20 60-minute helpings – here’s looking at you Twin Peaks.

So the news that Dunham’s piece de resistance is only going to have five episodes is good news to us. No committment, all the fun.

4. What a Buzz

Women of the Hour has been made in complete conjunction with the brain boxes over at Buzzfeed. If you’re as much a fan of their other short media blogs, like Matt Mellassai’s super popular vlog Whine About Itthen this can only be good news.

5. The past is bright

Lena’s last venture, the email Lenny Letter, launched back in September and featured writing from Hilary Clinton, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, and that was a bonafide internet hit.

With that kind of success behind her, not to mention the numerous awards for a ton of past projects, you’d be wise if you bet on the Women of the Hour scooping a ton of praise from all corners of the media.

Check out a preview from the upcoming series below