10 reasons why Manchester is the COOLEST place to be right now

It’s an increasingly cool urban centre nestled in the north. Never been there? Well now is the time! From art galleries to vintage shopping haunts, it’s the stylish new hub we’re keen to explore. 

Thinking of working up there too? Here are 10 reasons why you should consider relocating.

1. They have an awesome mix of old and new architecture

This goes without saying but if you fancy working in a cool office, this is the city you should be thinking of moving to!


2. The Manchester Art Gallery has some truly stunning exhibitions

Such a good first date idea! And if you’re bored one weekend, these exhibitions are the perfect places to be a culture vulture.

manchester art gallery

3. Manchester gives London a run for their money when it comes to quirky bars and cafes

And they’re a LOT cheaper than sky-high London prices too…

manchester cafe

4. They also have some seriously quaint pubs

After work drinks are so much coolest in Manchester’s pub scene. Just look how cool this one looks! We’re envious.

manchester pub

5. No matter your allegiances, you’ve got to admit they’re not terrible at football

manchester football

6. The music scene is legendary

Well, duh. Need we say more?

manchester music

7. The Northern Quarter is a vintage-lover’s paradise

Every shopping-addict’s dream!

manchester vintage market

8. Manchester has a huge LGBT scene and its own ‘Gay Village’ 

Sounds like an awesome night out, right?

gay manchester

9. You’re never far from the Lancashire countryside

Fancy a spot of sunbathing this summer? In the midst of the city isn’t the best place for it but if you live in Manchester you’re not far from this…


10. Most importantly – you don’t have to be a millionaire to live in a flat like this

Ok, now we’re completely sold on the city. Rent money saved = fun money.

manchester flat

Whatever industry you are thinking of going into, maybe you should be thinking about moving to Manchester.