5 of the best shopping apps you need to know about

If you’ve got big plans to spend this weekend hitting the shops, then make sure you read this first! 

Here’s 5 of our favourite shopping apps that make life a lot easier when you’re planning big things for your credit card. Save yourself the hassle of the high street by putting your feet up and shopping in a civilised manner from the comfort of your own home.

1. Grabble

Making fashion as convenient as possible, Grabble brings you a selection of fashion pieces curated by a team of stylists. It features established brands as well as up-and-coming designers, and you can search by colour, style, item, and more. You can buy directly from the app, which is great, and the edit is updated daily to offer exciting new content. It also gives you alerts when the sales hit, which make it a must-have.

2. Harvey Nichols

The Harvey Nichols app offers some great insider tips on the store, from first-looks at sale offers, special app-user discounts and great ways to experience everything that the store has to offer.

3. Depop

If you fancy making some money as well as spending it, then check out Depop. It’s an online market place where you can sell your previously loved fashion items straight from your phone. easy to use and packed full of amazing finds, Depop is a bargain-hunter’s dream.

4. WantFeed

It’s like Tinder for shopping, which is great because who needs love when you have inanimate objects you can buy that will never, ever leave you? Swipe left or right for items, purchase them straight from the app. It’s basically a superpower wish list and you can actually make money from wanting stuff.

5. Shopicks

Curate collections of all your most desired items all in one handy place, so that you can keep track of everything you see and purchase when you’re ready! Great for Christmas lists – both the things you want, and the things you want for others!

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