5 lifestyle bloggers to follow for career inspiration

For many a blog begins as a hobby; a digital journal or a mood board. Now, bloggers represent some of the most powerful people in a multitude of industries, having turned their hobby into huge careers.

We’re taking a look at some of the world’s biggest super-bloggers who have made it big blogging about lifestyle – food, fashion, beauty, fitness and fun – to see how they started, where they are now, and most importantly, why you need to follow them.

1. Poppy Loves

London-based blogger, editor and brand consultant (busy) Poppy offers up fun posts about her life in London, whether it’s a new restaurant, her current favourite drink, or fun DIY projects for the home. As well as blogging on her own site, she is Lifestyle Editor for Blogosphere Magazine and has featured in numerous publications.

Follow for: Great recommendations of how to make the most of London life.

Image Credit: Instagram - poppy_loves_london

Image Credit: Instagram – poppy_loves_london

2. Wish Wish Wish

Predominately a personal style blog infused with chats about interiors, cultural happenings and a lot of travel, Wish Wish Wish was launched about 7 years ago by Carrie. It chronicles her love of vintage, retro fashion, florals and London, and will inspire you to take better snaps and wear more whimsical clothes.

Follow for: A carefully cultivated colour palette of pastels, divine personal style and love-letters to London.

Image Credit: Instagram - wishwishwish

Image Credit: Instagram – wishwishwish

3. Zoella

The undisputed Queen of YouTube, Zoella started with a blog before launching into the vlogging world. She chats beauty, fashion, baking and interiors, letting you into her life like a friend. With over 9 million YouTube followers and a dedicated fanbase, her videos chronicling her ‘monthly favourites’, posts about personal style and delicious baking tutorials will have you hooked.

Follow for: Baking inspiration and dreamy home decoration ideas.

Image Credit: Instagram - zozeebo

Image Credit: Instagram – zozeebo

4. The Selby

Photographer Todd Selby launched his site in 2008 as a space to discuss home interiors. After posting snaps of his friends’ homes, requests began flooding in from people wanting him in their living rooms. It has since grown to become a hugely influential interiors site that has spawned collaborations with the likes of Louis Vuitton, FENDI, Nike, AirBnB – to name a few. With three books under his belt, Todd has gone from blogging friends’ homes to becoming a must-know name in lifestyle writing and photography.

Follow for: Enviable interiors and home inspiration.

Image Credit: Instagram - theselby

Image Credit: Instagram – theselby

5. Cupcakes and Cashmere

LA-based Emily Schuman started her blog in 2008 to chronicle her experiences and the things she loved. Her goal is to inspire her readers, whether it’s with fashion, beauty, interiors or food. In 2012 Emily released her own book by the same name, and has gone on the feature in major publications worldwide.

Follow for: Personal style inspiration and snapshots of life in LA.

Image Credit: Instagram - emilyschuman

Image Credit: Instagram – emilyschuman

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