6 Instagram accounts to follow for cycling inspiration

There’s very little that feels better than flying through the city streets or country roads cycling your bike. As the wind rushes past your ears there’s this indefinable weightlessness – it’s a lot of fun.

But, as with most things, the whirlwind of life balance never allows for cycling as much as it should. Whether you want to start cycling on your commute or making it a weekend hobby, here are 6 Instagram accounts to follow for cycling inspiration.

1. Jered Gruber

Not a professional cyclist himself but a world class photographer, Jered Gruber captures the most breathtaking views and elite cyclists. He frequents the Tour De France with his camera lens and, looking at his work, you can see why,

Credit: Instagram - @JeredGruber

Credit: Instagram – @JeredGruber

2. The Radavist

Definitely an account for those off-road cycling fanatics that also have a penchant for travel. Experience the peaks and troughs of planet Earth with this group of eclectic two-wheelers.

Credit: Instagram - @TheRadavist

Credit: Instagram – @TheRadavist

3. Angelo Calilap

The cycling fan’s photographer, Angelo’s beautiful vistas are interspersed with edgy and fun shots of cyclists doing what they do best. Very inspiring if you’re trapped in the city and are thinking of making an escape.


Image credit: Instagram – @AngeloCalilap

4. Bradley Wiggins

Who better to follow than the UK’s resident cycling guru? This Olympic medalist’s account gives a peek into the world of professional cycling as well as some pretty cool shots of Wiggins in training.

Credit: Instagram - @BradWiggins

Credit: Instagram – @BradWiggins

5. Team Sky

A more diverse and less personal look into the top tier of world cyclists. Team Sky’s are equal parts informative and beautiful, especially if you’re prone to cycling envy.

Image credit: Instagram - @TeamSky

Image credit: Instagram – @TeamSky

6. Cycling Weekly

For all your international, local, professional and hobbyist needs in the realm of cycling, you should be following Cycling Weekly. With an array of exciting videos and pictures from the inside lane of the cycling community.

Credit: Instagram - @CyclingWeeklyMagazine

Credit: Instagram – @CyclingWeeklyMagazine

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