5 inspirational lessons we can learn from Leonardo DiCaprio’s career

He’s done it, our boy’s done it! It was long overdue but Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won his first Oscar for the wilderness thriller, The Revenant. At the 88th Academy Awards, Leo’s Best Actor win came to fruition and the internet couldn’t be more excited about it.

In the other categories, Spotlight took the Best Picture, Brie Larson was named best actress and Max Mad: Fury Road won six Oscars in total.

The movie world are massively proud of Leonardo for everything he’s achieved. Even though it’s not a Lifetime Achievement Award, we’re going to treat it like a Lifetime Achievement Award. Congratulations Leo!

Here are five inspirational lessons we can learn from Leonardo DiCaprio’s career.

1. Patience and humility are the perfect combination

Despite his knack for playing overindulgent billionaires (Jordan Belfort in The Wold of Wall Street and Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby) Leonardo himself steers clear from that lifestyle. Maybe it’s his age, but DiCaprio is pretty scandal free. He keeps to himself and proves time after time that he’s a true master of his craft.

2. Use the spotlight to your advantage

During Leonardo’s acceptance speech, the actor took the time not to revel in his own career and the novelty of his win but to draw attention to a bigger issues. “Climate change is real and it’s the most urgent threat facing our entire species”.

Leo has always been a big player in the environmental game but using his three minutes, with the world’s eyes on him, to preach the good word about climate change – that’s brilliant.

3. Never settle for anything less

Throughout his career, Leonardo has never settled for a role anything less than exemplary. Try and name a bad film (post-1995) DiCaprio has been in. Go on. Try. We’ll wait.

Exactly! He’s either got the best agent in Hollywood or Leonardo brings his unique talent to every role he believes it is a good fit.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

Leonardo has never been scared to tackle the daring roles. While Johnny Depp just plays the same characters in increasingly flamboyant costumes, Leo commits to his characters like no other. In fact, after playing the mentally impaired Arnie in 1993’s What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, the film world was shocked to find out that Leonardo was not in reality mentally disabled. He’s not completely method but is definitely one of the finest character actors working today.

5. Give credit to your team

The first two minutes of Leo’s acceptance speech is dedicated to all the people who have helped him succeed both on The Revenant and throughout his career. Starting with the likes of co-star Tom Hardy to the agent that gave DiCaprio is first ever role. Our supporting casts, acting or otherwise, mould our paths – we owe them more thanks than we tend to give.