4 hidden features of Snapchat that you didn’t know about

Snapchat addicts listen up.  One of our favourite sites Mashable has come up with some solutions to our Snapchat problems, and some hidden features you NEED to know about.

Read on to find out more. You’ll never view Snapchat in the same way again!

1. Missed cool lenses? Don’t worry

Missed the rainbow sick face? Or the demon lenses? Don’t worry there is a way to get them back again. Go to settings, general and then date & time. You can turn off “set automatically” and go back to the date they were released (try Sept 15th). Then they’re back! Easy.

2. Can’t decide which filter to use? Use two

Swipe over your photo as normal but also carefully swipe over with another finger to add two filters at once. As with most things on Snapchat, this is a bit tricky to get right but try it a few times until you get the hang of it.

3. Want to type more? You can

Got more to say than the allowed characters? You can now use the Notes app. Select a range of blank text, copy it into your clipboard, open Snapchat and paste it into the text field. Then type away.

4. Save precious phone battery

Snapchat can be a real battery-drainer. The app has a built-in feature that conserves battery – travel mode. Thank us later!

Now what?