5 free bonfire night events to go to in London

Sick of shelling out £30 plus for a poxy 15 minute fireworks display on bonfire night? Us too, that’s why we’ve drawn up this definitive list of all the freebie light shows firing up London over the next few weeks.

From Hackney’s finest crackerjack display to Boris Johnson’s big Southbank party, there’s one hell of a choice it turns out.

So take a look, pick one out and head off for a night filled with juicy toffee apples, blinding acrid explosions and many wet bums. Many.

1. Victoria Park Fireworks

It’s been five years since this old favourite warmed thousands of Londoners with a cracking light show. But now it’s back.

With great transport links and a load of pubs to head to after, this could possibly be the best choice on our list…

Victoria Park, Hackney, November 7, 8pm

2. Coram’s Fields Fireworks

If you’re in need of a bit of chilly, central fun then head down to Bloomsbury on Thursday, but make sure you’re early.

Refreshments, hot food and a simple fireworks display is all you’ll get, but sometimes the smaller gigs are the best, so don’t let that put you off.

Coram’s Fields, Bloomsbury, November 6, 5pm

3. Brent Fireworks

A family-geared extravaganza is planned for Roundwood Park on Friday night, featuring a children-friendly fireworks display at 7pm before the main event at 8.

Not only that, there will also be a fully equipped fun fair! Now who could say no to that?

Roundwood Park, Hertfordshire, November 6, 6pm

4. Lord Mayor’s Fireworks

Fancy a free 20 minute fireworks show overlooking the River Thames on a frosty November evening? We thought so.

So it’s thank you very much Boris Johnson, as this public gig is set to close the Lord Mayor’s Festival on November 14. The best views are between Waterloo and Blackfriars station, so get there early to catch one of the most serious light shows in the city.

Southbank, November 14, 5.15pm

5. Blackheath Fireworks

Fun fair, rides, classic Bonfire Night food (we’re talking cotton candy and sausage rolls people) and one huge fireworks display that puts the Ally Pally paid show to shame every year.

A must for all south-east residents at one point in their London life, but don’t bother with public transport. So many people head to Blackheath that you’ll probably get stuck and miss the fun.

Blackheath, November 7, 8pm
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