5 food-lovers to follow on Instagram

Whether you’re the type to ‘gram your food, or if you just head to the app for dinner time inspiration, Instagram is awash with food lovers who will give you dish envy with their every post. We’re serving up 5 accounts to follow if you love a good bit of food porn.

1. Alison Roman

Senior Food Editor at Buzzfeed, Alison Roman’s account is just great for some good old-fashioned food envy. See what she’s cooking, especially how she uses her leftovers, and appreciate her snaps as a pictorial love-letter to good food.

2. Millie Mackintosh

Not solely focused on food, but Millie’s Instagram account does demonstrate her passion for cooking and dining out. Her new book features some of her favourite recipes, so follow her on Instagram for regular updates of what she’s cooking and where she’s eating.

3. Girl Eat World

Not necessarily great for everyday cooking inspo, but you will get a double whammy of both travel and food envy when you look at Girl Eat World. Follow her travels as she eats her way around the globe, taking great snaps of every dish she encounters.

4. SORTEDfood

A recent favourite of everyone here at List for Life, follow the account for the YouTube channel SORTEDfood. These boys know their food, and they’ve got recipes to suit everyone. Follow for food ideas and behind-the-scenes action.

5. 2 Hungry Blondes

For the humour as much as the food, we love these two friends, Molly and Tracy, and their use of Instagram to document both their friendship and their food journey.

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