5 food bloggers to follow for career inspiration

For many a blog begins as a hobby; a digital journal or a mood board. Now, bloggers represent some of the most powerful people in a multitude of industries, having turned their hobby into huge careers.

We’re taking a look at some of the world’s biggest super-bloggers who have made it big in the food industry to see how they started, where they are now, and most importantly, why you need to follow them.

1. The Model Foodie

London-based model Bailee uses her blog as a platform for discussing her passion for food. Although her day job is modelling, clearly her passion is food, and she promotes an ‘eat clean’ philosophy that doesn’t involve breaking the bank and getting lost in ingredients you’ve never heard of.

Follow for: Simple recipes achievable even in the most hopeless of kitchens.

Image Credit: Instagram - baileeroberts

Image Credit: Instagram – baileeroberts

2. Eat Like A Girl

Started in 2007 by scientist-turned-blogger Niamh, Eat Like A Girl is full of recipes and restaurant recommendations. Her writing has featured in the likes of Guardian Travel and Stylist magazine, and she holds regular cooking classes to impart her wisdom. With her own cookbook and a second on the way, Niamh has turned her passion for food into a career.

Follow for: Fun recipes from someone with a clear passion for food, and exciting travel posts.

Image Credit: Instagram - eatlikeagirl

Image Credit: Instagram – eatlikeagirl

3. Deliciously Ella

Upon being diagnosed with the rare Postural Tachycardia Syndrome in 2011, Ella started her blog as a means of coping with the debilitating illness. Having turned to holistic remedies, Ella promotes a healthy lifestyle involving a lot of raw food recipes. With one book under her belt and another on the way, Ella also hosts regular supper clubs and teaches cooking classes to encourage others to consider a healthy lifestyle.

Follow for: Motivational posts, fitness updates and delicious recipes.

Image Credit: Instagram - deliciouslyella

Image Credit: Instagram – deliciouslyella

4. Madeleine Shaw

Preaching the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and teaching everyone how to ‘get the glow’, food and lifestyle blogger Madeleine Shaw has hit it big with her own book and hugely successful blog. Having worked in nutritional health coaching, Madeleine has a wealth of experience, all of which she imparts on her blog.

Follow for: Healthy, aspirational lifestyle posts and fun recipes.

Image Credit: Instagram - madeleine_shaw_

Image Credit: Instagram – madeleine_shaw_

5. Hemsley and Hemsley

Sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley started their company 6 years ago, beginning with a bespoke service to help people change their relationship with food. They promote a ‘clean’ cooking style, rejecting gluten, grains and refined sugar, to offer up healthier and more natural dishes. They’ve gone from a small business to releasing their own book, as well as writing for Vogue regularly. Having started a spiralizer revolution they have since released their own version of the utensil, and are working on a second book.

Follow for: Fun recipes that involve a lot of spirals, and excellent alternatives to gluten-based products.

Image Credit: Instagram - hemsleyhemsley

Image Credit: Instagram – hemsleyhemsley

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