5 essential apps for students

The next three years of your life will likely be filled with crazy parties, lots of new friends and maybe a few exams too. But at some point it’s only natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by your workload and newfound independence. 

If you’re wondering how you’re going to stay on top of your budget, keep all your notes organised and wake up in time for class after a night out, these apps are here to help you.

Here are five of the best apps to make your uni life much easier.

1. Any.do

Stay organised with this app that keeps all your notes and to-do lists in one place. You can access it from anywhere, even without an internet connection.

2. Moovit

This free transportation app will show you the best and fastest routes to wherever you’re trying to go with detailed directions and expected arrival times. For those of you living in London, Manchester and Birmingham, CityMapper is also a popular choice.

3. On Trees

This one was voted best finance app in the UK and will help you take charge of your budget when you start ordering in one too many takeaways. It aggregates all of your accounts in one place and shows you which categories, like transportation or food, you’re spending on the most.

4. RefMe

Never spend hours toiling over an endless bibliography ever again with this app. It’s free and will create a citation for you in whatever format or style your uni uses. Easy peasy.

5. Sleep Cycle

This app is pure genius, analysing your sleeping patterns and movement to determine the perfect time to wake you up. By waking you during your lightest sleep phase, you’ll feel less tired during the day.

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