5 daily habits you’re doing at work that could be ageing you

Just noticed yourself in the mirror? Looking a bit tired from work stress and the weekend’s partying? And did you know that ageing apparently starts at 25?! It might not be the obvious things that are ageing you, like smoking or enjoying a lie in the sun a little too much.

Actually, the worst things for your youthful vitality are the everyday. That’s right, from how you consume drinks to the way you sleep, it seems everything could be making your face look like a wet flannel.

Check out these five examples of daily habits that could be ageing you and cut it out before it’s too late…

1. Wearing contacts

Not the actual lenses (we’d have some serious questions for our optician if that were true), but the putting in and taking out of those slippery critters involves some serious skin-pulling which can ruin your sensitive eyelids.

Be gentler, or switch to specs.

2. Sleeping funny

Kipping on your stomach or on your side causes sleep lines in your neck and face that normally return to normal once you’ve been awake for a bit.

But as you age and the collagen and connective tissue become weaker your skin won’t spring back into life quite so easily. And Carl Fredricksen will start to seem more and more like a twin brother…

3. You don’t slap on sun cream (except on holiday)

All sunlight can be damaging to your skin (and we mean all, those UV rays aren’t picky). Kim Kardashian’s dermatologist is a big fan of the sun screen method for fighting ageing – he suggests wearing it as part of your daily make-up routine, and who are we to disagree?

4. The roof, the roof is on fire

Keeping your home toasty warm is another big no no in the looking younger game. Flicking the thermostat higher only sucks more of the vital moisture your body needs out of the air. Drying out your skin and leaving it vulnerable to wrinkles and blemishes.

Put on a jumper people, it’ll save you a ton of money too.

5. Don’t suck through a straw

Now Uma Thurman might have looked unbelievably cool doing it in Pulp Fiction, but what wasn’t shown on screen was how bad using a straw is for your poor visage.

Although drinking dark coloured drinks through a straw prevents staining of the teeth, it also causes a higher chance of wrinkles around the lips and eyes from all that pursing.