5 Christmas hacks that will make your life WAY easier

It’s that time of year again! The supermarkets are already selling bulging turkeys, holly wreaths have been stuck haphazardly to front doors and your Yuletide fund is starting to look a bit small compared to what you need… 

But don’t worry, we’ve got five of the best Christmas hacks that will make your life so much easier. We promise!

From Christmas card help to wrapping paper life-savers, there are some serious effort-zapping tricks in this list.

1. De-tangled

Chucking your Christmas lights in a box last year was not the best idea was it? This time grab a simple extension cord holder from B&Q (about two or three quid) and experience knot-free bliss next year.

Why not do the untangling now while you’ve got more time and free up some shopping time in December?

If you’re hard up for cash then using an empty wrapping paper tube piece of cardboard can serve as the base for your light-show holder just as well as the real thing.

2. Punkpost

Dread the mundane task of writing, packaging and sending Christmas cards to your nearest and dearest? Well firstly we’d say just don’t bother, but for all you friendly people out there there is a way to speed up the process.

Meet Punkpost, the greeting card app that really speeds up the process of sending real cards for the holiday.

With a huge array of great designs and added extras (you can even send ‘confetti bombs’) your cards will undoubtedly look ten times better than if you made them yourself, and even better, you don’t have to!

3. Bottle it

Now everyone loves a decent cooked breakfast around the festive season, but who can be bothered to cook it? Well if you’re a fan of pancakes on a crisp winter’s morning, have we got the solution for you.

Spend an hour one evening mixing up as much batter as you can, and then use old ketchup and mayonnaise bottles (washed of course) to hold all that batter in the fridge. Then it’s as easy as adding sauce to the pan quickly before work and you’re away. You can thank us later.

4. Hold the roll

Find wrapping presents a nightmare? Us too. That’s why we always take advantage of this useful tip for keeping track of where the sellotape roll is at.

Make sure you’ve got a paperclip handy each time you wrap a gift, and slip it on whenever you put it down. Gone are the days of massacring an innocent tape wheel in a blind sticky-fingered rage. We promise.

5. Have a smashing Christmas

Live with people who spend half their December 25 breaking glasses and dropping ornaments all over the place? Well take a note of this clever tip.

Don’t go and grab that useless dustpan straight away, instead use a slice of bread to catch all the potentially dangerous shards. Don’t believe us? Give it a try and then come back to us. We’re not kidding.

Want extra tips? Check out this great video from The King of Random
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