As Candice trips on the catwalk, here’s what celebrity fails teach us

Tripping over on your way to work, realising you have something in your after speaking with your boss, texting your mum instead of your boyfriend….fails happen to everyone. Celebrities are no exception.

But unlike us mere mortals, their every move is registered with a camera and saved on the internet for posterity – so we can sure learn a thing or two from them on how to deal with the most embarrassing moments in life.

1. Candice Swanepoel
2. Jennifer Lawrence

She may the queen of celebrity fails, but falling in front of Hollywood’s best actors, directors and producers would have been a low moment even for Jennifer Lawrence.

She was making her way to the stage to accept the Oscar Award for Best Actress in her pristine white Dior gown when she tripped and fell. Instead of letting the incident ruin this special moment, she didn’t take it too seriously: “You guys are just standing up because you feel sad that I fell”. Sometimes the biggest fails are also the moments when people relate to you the most – remember, we’re all human.

3. Jay-Z

What happens when one of the best rappers in the world literally forgets to do his job? It must be love. Mr Carter brought a very special guest, wife Beyoncé Knowles, to one of his shows but missed the cue for his rap in Crazy in Love because he was so mesmerised watching his wife perform. Fans’ hearts melted all over the world and we’ll never forget that a cute excuse will turn any fail into a #win.

4. Madonna

Who didn’t cringe when Madonna, a showbiz veteran, fell backwards during her 2015 Brits performance? Ironically she was singing “Not gonna stop, gonna carry on”, and that’s exactly what she did. With more than 30 years of career under her belt, the woman who blessed us with Like a Virgin and Material Girl knows that setbacks can happen to the best and what matters is that you carry on. Oh, and no capes.

5. Harry Styles

While performing in America, Harry Styles got so into his music that he lost his balance and took an epic tumble in front of the crowd. After an initial trip, he still tried to gracefully recover Matrix-style but gravity won. Unexpectedly, there were no awkward silences or gasps – his bandmates started laughing and helped Styles see the funny side. Don’t underestimate the importance of friends to help brush off the most embarrassing moments in life.