5 best celebrity Halloween costumes in 2015

You think it’s just us normal people that get glammed up for Halloween? The rich and famous surely don’t stoop to such everyday lows?

Well guess again buster, because celebs like a bit of scary dress-up as much as the next guy. From Heidi Klum’s immaculate Jessica Rabbit to Tyra Banks turnout as Richard Branson, here are the best celebrity Halloween Costumes from this year’s October 31 extravaganza.

Watch out, things just got spooky in here…

1. Beyonce – Xmen’s Storm

Gives the term girl gang a whole new meaning…


Image credit: Instagram (@kellyrowland)


2. Neil Patrick Harris’ family – Star Wars

We’re thinking Star Wars could be the sequel to How I Met Your Mother (Father).

best celebrity halloween costumes neil patrick harris how i met your mother star wars

Image credit: Instagram (@nph)


3. Heidi Klum – Jessica Rabbit

This prosthetically enabled transformation is practically a medical marvel!

Image credit: Instagram (@heidiklum)

Image credit: Instagram (@heidiklum)


4. Tyra Banks – Richard Branson

Which one’s which?!


Image credit: Instagram (@tyrabanks)


5. Ellen Degeneres – ‘Karla’ Kardashian

The lesser known Kardashian sister, with “double Ks” apparently..


Image credit: Instagram (@theellenshow)


Now what?