5 awesome music blogs to follow now

Oh hey dance fans, how are you doing? Fancy getting in the know about the latest news and events? 

Whether it’s the best events, the coolest new artists, or even down to the apps we need, there’s a source for it all. Right now we’re looking at dance music, and our favourite writers in and around the genre. Check out 5 of our go-to sources for information and news in the world of dance.

1. Dancing Astronaut

Dancing Astronaut was hailed by Billboard magazine as “the voice of the EDM generation”. So no small claim then. The site provides a forum for the latest news, gigs, videos, photos, and even more all revolving around dance music in its various forms.

Follow for: A clear editorial voice throughout the site and great news coverage.

2. This Song Is Sick

Colorado-based Nick Guarino started This Song Is Sick in 2010 as a space to discuss all kinds of music and bringing it to his readers as though discussing it with his closest friends. It has since grown to have contributors based in over 110 countries.

Follow for: Great mix tapes and a really personal tone.

3. LessThan3

Pitching itself as an ‘audiovisual experience’, LessThan3 is one of the biggest EDM blogs around. Their team presents editorial content focusing on a variety of dance movements, and brings you relevant news, cultural events, humorous pieces and much more

Follow for: Music content for every mood and a huge variety to choose from.

4. Run The Trap

Run The Trap was founded in 2012, bringing underground genres like trap music, Hip Hop and Club, amongst others, to a broader audience. The passion for music is evident as they curate their content very carefully.

Follow for: Exciting new artists, news about the genre and great music samples available from their online shop.

5. Daily Beat

Launching in 2012, Daily Beat was originally intended in social media form to showcase exciting local artists working under a boutique record label. It has since gone on to be a huge international source for events, targeting the youth market with representatives in over 20 countries.

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