Why it’s time to start keeping a diary, and 5 apps to help you

It seems Adrian Mole and Bridget Jones were onto a winner. There is scientific evidence that keeping a diary is associated with an increase in social engagement, solid relationships and positivity as well as reducing stress, depression and anxiety. 

But despite all these benefits, actually remembering and making time to write in a diary can be hard to stick to. So, if you’ve been know to stock up on beautiful Moleskin diaries and write a few entries before completely forgetting about it, and leaving it to gather dust and tea stains, then maybe a diary app would suit you better. And it will help you de-stress.

Here are the best apps to get you started…

1. Heyday

This handy app does all the hard work for you by automatically updating your locations, timings and photos you’ve taken throughout the day. All you need to do from there is add your captions and you’re sorted.

>2. Day One 

This simple and password protected option sets out a timeline for you so your favourite memories are easy to find. Use the tagging option to organise your entries into categories and enjoy a more structured way of writing a diary.

3. Momentica 

If writing isn’t your thing then why not try video diaries? Momentica lets you gather, edit and arrange a series of clips with professional looking filters and backing tracks so you can enjoy reliving the day with a short video.

4. My Wonderful Days

This cute app encourages you to write up your day as well as recording your emotions, adding photos and stickers and provides you with inspirational quotes from famous faces to keep you motivated.

>5. Grid Diary 

If you’re worried about actually sticking to writing daily entries, Grid Diary makes it easier for you by asking you simple questions and giving you prompts to make sure you actually get round to writing in it. With thought-provoking and customisable questions like ‘what am I grateful for?’ and ‘how can I make tomorrow better?’ you can ensure you get the most out of journalling.