5 amazing women from the Instagram #MyStory campaign

“It’s so important for women to tell their stories. What social media has done is democratize that.”

That’s what Instagram’s #MyStory curator, Jessica Bennett, told Refinery29 about the social media’s new campaign for highlighting amazing women, and we couldn’t agree more.

In its latest effort to try and bring inspiring female stories to the fore, Instagram has created the #MyStory campaign from 28 carefully selected profiles that they believe to be subverting unhelpful stereotypes and generally being all round superstars.

Here are five of our favourites.

Instagram camille becerra mystory

Image credit: Instagram (@camillebecerra)

1. @camillebecerra

Camille is a chef, food writer, photographer and stylist from New York, with a pretty tasty selection of hats if you ask us.She shares pics of her cooking processes, business ideas and some incredible photography to boot.

instagram mystory Laura Johannet

Image credit: @codegirl_

2. @Codegirl_

Laura Johannet is a successful 24-year-old software engineer in an industry hugely dominated by men. Hats off to you Laura, we’re always up for a good coding pun too.

instagram mystory tess holliday

Image credit: Instagram (@tessholliday)

3. @Tessholliday

Plus-size model, mum and feminist Tess Holliday founded @effyourbeautystandards the female empowerment account that’s taken the internet by storm. She’s one inspiring lady.

instagram mystory roxx_____

Image credit: Instagram (@roxx_____)

4. @roxx_____

Roxx is a west coast tattoo artists who’s work in highlighting the plight of breast cancer survivors has brought plaudits from all over the internet. This image of a scarred cancer survivor is truly inspiring.

instagram mystory amazing women alana smith

Image credit: Instagram (@alanasmithskate)

5. @alanasmithskate

Female skateboarder extraordinaire Alana Smith smashes through patriarchal extreme sports conventions with her own brand of thrill-seeking. Rock on Alana. Rock on.

Check out the full list of featured profiles below:





























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