5 affordable weekend adventures in Liverpool

Liverpool is the cultural capital of the UK and doesn’t get nearly enough credit for that. The home of world class sportsmanship, unrivalled contributions to music and some of the warmest welcomes in the country – despite the often morose climate.

And if you’re thinking: “I spent all my money last weekend in Birmingham“, don’t worry. These great adventures aren’t just buckets of fun, they’re affordable as heck. Get on a train or step outside your door to soak in everything Liverpool has to offer.

1. John Lennon’s home

Beatles fan of otherwise, there’s no way you can visit Liverpool and not pay homage to the city’s most renowned export. The house has been maintained to feel authentically 60s. If you’re a struggling songwriter, maybe rub the walls and see if it does anything for your music.

Image credit: Insatgram - @Lisahardie324

Image credit: Insatgram – @Lisahardie324

2. Walking tour

This is an absolute must for anyone visiting a city for the first time. Not only will you learn a lot about the ground you’re standing on, but you can use the hour to scout out any bars or restaurants that look worth visiting – the tours are sometimes free, too.


Image credit: Instagram – @Liverpool.city.england

3. Radio City Tower

Whether you’ve lost a mate in Liverpool’s underbelly or you’re just looking for a spectacular view, you cannot miss getting to the top of Radio City Tower. There’s a lift (don’t worry) and you can really appreciate the size of Liverpool as well as spot any landmarks you might want to hit up afterwards.

Image credit: Instagram - @Radiocitytower

Image credit: Instagram – @Radiocitytower

4. Mathew Street

The best street to visit on your main night in Liverpool. Flanked by homey looking bars and restaurants, Mathew Street is not-so-hidden treasure with it’s cobbled streets, historical significance and diverse atmospheres ranging from the ‘turnt’ to the sophisticated.

Image credit: Instagram - @Kei_row

Image credit: Instagram – @Kei_row

5. The Cavern Club

The most legendary live music venue in the UK and this weekend is the perfect time for visit. While tickets last, The Cavern Club are putting on a chronological live show from 1957 to the present with a wealth of amazing tribute acts.


Image credit: Instagram – @Nicinnoodles