5 affordable weekend adventures in Birmingham

Birmingham is the place to be right now, there’s no doubt about that. As the UK’s second biggest city, Birmingham has waded through a bleak history as an industrial capital and emerged as cultural hub. As a side note, it’s also currently considered the third happiest city to inhabit in the UK.

And if you’re thinking: “I spent all my money last weekend in Belfast“, don’t worry. These great adventures aren’t just buckets of fun, they’re affordable as heck. Get on a train or step outside your door to soak in everything Birmingham has to offer.

1. Back to Backs

If you’re a fan of all things vintage and historical, you have to check out Birmingham’s atmospheric Back to Back houses. Located just a stones throw from the centre, these houses are perfectly restored to give a glimpse into the lives of Birmingham’s working folk from the 1840s to the 1970s.

Image credit: Instagram - @Suziguy

Image credit: Instagram – @Suziguy

2. Cadbury World

An obvious trip to make, it’s Cadbury World. Not a city or country – a world. We question your commitment to chocolate if you’re not queueing for entry at 9am sharp this weekend. With manufacturing tours, chocolate making activities and whatever a 4D Chocolate Adventure is – Cadbury World has it.


Image credit: Instagram – @CadburyworldUK

3. Fred Zeppelin

A cheap and cheerful night out, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a middle tier Led Zeppelin cover band play a dingy venue. Approved by Jimmy Page himself, even if you hate rock music – it will be a surreal and memorable experience.

Image credit: Instagram - @Fintanmckahey

Image credit: Instagram – @Fintanmckahey

4. Two Towers Brewery 

Good ale isn’t hard to come by in the UK. Great ale sometimes is. That’s why you should absolutely be heading to Two Towers Brewery for their cheap, 90 minute tour. You can follow that up with a full meal at their local restaurant The Gunmakers Arms for just an extra £6.

Image credit: Instagram - @Tomhalcarz

Image credit: Instagram – @Tomhalcarz

5. Grand Prix Karting

Who doesn’t love Go-Karting? Less than half an hour away from the centre, Grand Prix Karting has go an array of courses including a ‘New International’ circuit that’s been attracting some of the UK’s best karters. If you fancy yourself something of a Kart-master, pit yourself against the best here.

Image credit: Instagram - @Deana_mm

Image credit: Instagram – @Deana_mm