5 affordable weekend adventures in Belfast

Whether you’re heading to Belfast this weekend or are a resident who doesn’t take advantage of your beautiful surroundings, List For Life is here to give you the low-down on all the amazing things you can get up to this weekend!

And if you’re thinking “I spent all my money last weekend in London“, don’t worry. These five adventures aren’t just buckets of fun, they’re affordable as heck. Buckle up and seize the day in the vibrant capital of Northern Ireland.

1. W5

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to go to a museum – W5 is one of Europe’s best science and discovery centres. With 250 exhibitions and a constantly revolving cast of special displays like the fully intelligent and conversational cyborg, Robothespian.


Image credit: Instagram – @Kylela10

2. The Wee Tram

If you’re feet are tired but you still want to get the history on the Titanic Quarter, The Wee Tram is perfect for you. You’ve taken your Leo/Kate embrace photo and now you just want to chill in a few sweet red carriages and learn a bit of history of the grounds so hop aboard.

Image credit: Instagram - @TitanicBelfast

Image credit: Instagram – @TitanicBelfast

3. Belfast Vintage Cinema

Travel back in time and get a ticket for Ireland’s smallest cinema, The Tudor. This weekend the showing will be the classic John Wayne flick, The Quiet Man. If tickets are sold out, the cinema will be showing different films throughout the year so you’ll have an excuse to come back.


Image credit: Instagram - @The_Walking_Albatross

Image credit: Instagram – @The_Walking_Albatross

4. St George’s Market

A wonderful place to take someone this Valentine’s day. Whether you’re on the hunt for vintage clothing, artisanal goods, first edition records or just some quality street food – St George’s Market has got you covered.

Image credit: Instagram - @StGeorgesBelfast

Image credit: Instagram – @StGeorgesBelfast

5. Streamvale Open Diary Farm

Not one for the metro city explorer but if you can get hold of some wellies, don’t miss Streamvale Farm. With an array of adorable farmyard critters, tractor rides, deer feeding areas and quad-bike rentals – there’s a day worth of mucky fun to be had at Streamvale in Belfast.

Image credit: Instagram - @Streamvalefarm

Image credit: Instagram – @Streamvalefarm

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