5 affordable weekend adventures in Glasgow

Ever been to Glasgow? You really should. It’s the cultural hub of Scotland rich in amazing Victorian architecture and an amazing port. It’s also home to institutions including the Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and National Theatre of Scotland, acclaimed museums and a thriving music scene so there’s something for everyone!

And if you’re thinking: “I spent all my money last weekend in Edinburgh“, don’t worry. These great adventures aren’t just buckets of fun, they’re affordable as heck. Get on a train or plane or automobile or, if you’re lucky, step outside your door to soak in everything Glasgow has to offer.

1. Glasgow Women’s Library

Learn a little bit more about the sisterhood at the Glasgow Women’s Library. It’s a treasure trove of documents, accounts and literature from generations of wonderful and intelligent women writers as well as putting on fantastic programmes and events to support and celebrate feminism.

Image credit: Instagram - @Womenslibrary

Image credit: Instagram – @Womenslibrary

2. Glengoyne Distillery

If too much culture is plaguing you, maybe try and forget all that useful information with a trip to the best whisky distillery this side of Edinburgh. With great tours and a rich history, the Glengoyne experience will convert even the most die-hard whisky avoider.

Image credit: Instagram - @Glengoynedistillery

Image credit: Instagram – @Glengoynedistillery

3. Pollok Country Park

With Spring almost here in it’s entirety, it’s finally safe to go on long country park walks again! Luckily, Glasgow has one of the best in the isles with a beautiful manor house and giant maze. You can lose hours walking around the immaculate greens of Pollok Country Park.


Image credit: Instagram – @eatdrinkseedo

4. Glasgow Tigers Speedway

This one is a little bit different for a night out, but swinging by the race track to see Glasgow’s Tigers on the speedway could be the most fun you’ll have on your trip. Formed in 1946, this legendary motorcycle rink is a guaranteed blast.

Image credit: Instagram - @LaraMckenziee

Image credit: Instagram – @LaraMckenziee

5. Botanic Gardens

Simple and beautiful, Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens are home of a variety of beautiful fauna and plant species. Perfect for a quiet Sunday exploration with a few close friends or partner.

Image credit: Instagram - @scotiapictures

Image credit: Instagram – @scotiapictures