4 ways to prepare for your music festival adventures this summer

Holy smokes! The full Glastonbury 2016 line-up has just been released and it looks unbelievable. There’s literally something for everyone! Whether you’re into pop, dance, hip-hop or rock – there’s enough variety on this line-up to satisfy even the most picky music shill.

Whether you’re attending to see headliners Adele, Muse and Coldplay or want to get a taste of more obtuse flavours from the likes of Underworld, Hinds and Vince Staples, this year’s line-up is the most exciting in many years for music fans of all breeds.

As the days get longer, whispers of summer plans start to pepper the air and music festival season starts up again. Now is as good of a time as any to start getting prepared for whatever music festival you’re hitting up this summer so here are our top four tips.

1. Book enough time off work now

The last thing you want is to spend x-hundred amount of pounds on a ticket to see your favourite bands to find out that you can’t take the time off. The dates for most music festivals are pretty much set in stone so book your leave ASAP.

Just remember to take two extra days either side of the festivities in order to arrive with plenty of time and allow for a recovery day.

2. Check if you know anyone driving to the campsite

Keep your ear to the ground around your friends and co-workers of any lift-share opportunities going. Getting the train to festivals is always a hassle and riding in someone else’s car is a great laugh – especially if you’re not driving. Responsibility free travel is the only way to go.

3. Start strengthening your immune system now

Believe me when I say, when it comes to preparing your health, you will need every bit of help you can get when at a music festival. Surrounded by dysentery, squalor, dehydration and questionable meat products – it’s an uphill battle fending off disease at a music festival. All you can do is make sure you’re fighting-fit when you arrive because you sure as hell won’t be when you leave.

4. Make a schedule or game-plan

With festivals as big as Glastonbury, it’s nigh on impossible to see every artist you want to see. Your best bet is to prioritise a few across the days and keep an eye on sites like NME to stay ahead of any schedule conflicts that might force you into making difficult decisions or reveal any potential secret sets (looking at you, Radiohead).