4 ways to overcome the Sunday blues and feel positive about work tomorrow

Happy Sunday! It’s the last day of the glorious weekend and we think everyone should be making the most of it. Although Monday is looming, there is still time to have a great weekend!

But sometimes our Sunday gets lost in a hangover or worries about the impending working week. Don’t let Monday fears impact on the last day of freedom! Beat the Sunday blues with a few of our helpful offerings.

1. Brunch

Brunch is the answer to a lot of life’s problems. Note, I did not say all. The amalgamation of two meals into one allows for extra decadence, extra food, and extra mimosas. Plan a brunch either at home or out, and invite everyone you know. A hearty meal of scrambled eggs and toast will wash your worries away.

2. Escape

Go on a day trip somewhere. If you live in London, escape for a day. You’re only a train journey away from the seaside at either Brighton or Margate, where you can spend the day eating doughnuts and candy floss on the pier.

3. Treat yourself

Have a pamper day to get yourself ready for the week ahead. Whether it’s giving your skin a break after a heavy weekend, or indulging in a day of rubbish TV, Sunday is the perfect day to get cosy without any guilt.

4. Plan ahead

If the thought of Monday is getting you down, just remember that another weekend will be here before you know it. We’re not saying you should wish your days away, but planning something exciting for the weekend ahead will add fun to your Sunday. The weekend might have whizzed past in a hurry, but you can plan ahead to a jam-packed couple of days for the next weekend, and there’s only 5 days stopping you!