4 ways to get fit in 2016 that aren’t too OTT

It’s the new year resolution that crops up again year after year, and while it’s a great thing to try and get fit and better yourself, it can be hard to motivate yourself past the first 3 days of January.

With jobs, time and money to take into account as well, here’s how you can actually get in shape and be the best version of you that you want.

1. Step off the scales

One of the worst and most harmful misconceptions about getting fit is that you need to lose weight. Although this might be the case and aim for some people, you should pay less attention to the number on the scales, as muscle weighs more than fat. The muscle to fat ratio and how you feel is much more important.

2. Just do it!

If you keep putting off going to the gym or for a run, then it’s perhaps time that you push yourself and in the words of Nike, just do it. Just getting yourself out of the house for a walk is a start. There are many ways and paths for you to achieve your health and fitness goals!

3. Leave your phone at home

It’s easy to get distracted, but a quick scroll on Instagram or replying back to a text can quickly turn into a 10 minute standstill in your workout. You can not only lose the intensity of your workout that you’ve been building up to, but also lose motivation. Most gyms and have music on already, and if you’re outdoors, take time to appreciate the quietness. If you can’t live without your workout playlist, invest in a standalone music player.

4. Do what you love

The gym or running aren’t for everyone. Finding something that you enjoy and love to do will not only make it seem like you’re not there for exercise, but more for fun and socialising, but it will also encourage you to go on a regular basis. There are sports teams and classes covering everything from dance to yoga and everything in between that you can join. Enjoy your exercise!

Now what?