4 ways to embrace Sober October

This month sees another round of Sober October, a fundraising initiative from Macmillan Cancer Trust in which people Go Sober to raise money for the very worthy cause.

If you, like many others, fancy taking on the challenge, but want to know how you can let your social life flow while your pint glass runs dry, then we’ve got a few suggestions…

1. Love the detox

The sober month will give your body to flush out all the alcohol you might have over-indulged with during the summer. Make the most of this time and consider going full-out: take the time to try out a new form of exercise or get adventurous with healthy recipes.

2. Try out some alternative nights

There’s always opportunities to socialise in the city without alcohol, so take this opportunity to broaden your social horizons. Despite the name involving drink, Drink Shop & Do in London has some amazing craft events that are a great way to spend an evening with friends!

3. Embrace early mornings

No booze means no hangover, which means you’ll be feeling much friendlier towards the early hours. Make breakfast plans with friends for the weekend, tackle the early-morning running club at work, or even just go for a stroll and enjoy the quieter streets.

4. Grab a friend

Buddy up with a friend and make a promise to go sober together. You can cheer each other on, ward off any temptation, and fundraise together. It’ll make the experience much more fun, and you’ll always have someone sober around even when everyone else is getting on the vino.