4 genius ways to totally BLAG free accommodation when travelling

If you’ve got big dreams when it comes to travelling but don’t know how you’ll come up with the cash, then there’s plenty of areas you can scrimp and save in.

For one thing, finding accommodation that is not only cheap, but is actually free, is easier than you’d think. Check out these 4 ways you can travel without spending a penny on a hotel room.

1. Couch surfing

Rely on the kindness of strangers (or just call on every vague acquaintance) and couch surf your way through your travels. It allows you to get a great, authentic experience if you stay with locals, and saves on cash.

There are numerous agencies to help you do this safely, so check out Couch Surfing or Hospitality Club.


Image Credit: Rex Features

2. House sitting

House sitting allows you another free method of accommodation based on you needing somewhere to crash, and the house owner needing someone to mind their home during their own time away. This will also save on food costs if you have a proper home with a kitchen, rather than a hotel.

Again, many sites offer help finding people who want a house sitter, so try House Carers or Mind My House to see what’s out there!

3. Volunteering

Pay your way by doing some volunteer work throughout your trip. WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) offer a range of experiences that will involve you doing a bit of labour, but will also provide you with somewhere to stay.

4. House-swapping

Trade places with someone who lives in the area you want to go travelling. They’ll take care of your house, and you’ll stay in their home for the duration. You both win, and again, much like house sitting, this is based on reciprocity. It offers the added bonus of peace of mind knowing that your house is being looked after during your absence.

Try Home Exchange to connect with fellow travellers.


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