4 ways the new Apple upgrades will help you travel better

This week’s eagerly awaited Apple Event introduced lots of new upgrades and gadgets, but how can they make your next holiday even better?

The improved Apple Watch, the new iPad Pro and the iPhone 6S are more than just sleek tech toys, they’re ideal for exploring new cities, keeping busy on long flights and taking the most amazing beach photos you’ll ever see.

Here’s Travel + Leisure‘s round up of how the latest Apple gear will help you travel smarter.

1. Apple Watch gets travel savvy with new third-party apps

The Apple Watch has gone from fancy toy to functional everyday travel tool—largely thanks to a new slew of third-party apps.

Already travelers could book hotel rooms via Booking.com, buy snacks onboard a JetBlue flight, and read Yelp reviews right on their wrists. Now, you’ll be able to crack complicated bus schedules via Maps, get instant translations for 90 languages thanks to a new app from iTranslate (a T+L favourite), and even use your watch as a remote viewfinder for GoPro cameras. Also helpful: Integration with Facebook Messenger, a popular way to communicate on the road.

And if you’re worried about style, Apple has you covered. They’ve partnered with Hermès for some seriously snazzy leather bands, in addition to even more colors for the popular (and affordable) sports styles.

2. The iPad Pro will replace your travel laptop

Apple revealed the iPad Pro, which—for $799 (£520)—should easily be considered a replacement to a laptop for any traveller looking to shed pack weight. It has a 10-hour battery life, which becomes even more important for long-haul flights, and can be accompanied by a new Smart Keyboard, which clicks into a special three-prong port.

The 12.9-inch display has 5.6 million pixels, the highest of any iOS device, which means photographs will appear even brighter and more detailed—perfect for editing your favourite snaps while on the road.

Apple also announced the iPad Mini 4, which, at 0.65 pounds, is an even lighter travel tablet.

3. You can now book your Airbnb on your Apple TV

Even Apple’s TV news impacts travelers. Airbnb has designed an app specifically for the new model, which allows travellers to browse properties and potentially book directly on the TV.

4. iPhone becomes faster, more durable and a more amazing camera

And finally, improvements to Apple’s new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will change the way that travellers capture and share their experiences. The most crucial (if admittedly somewhat banal) upgrade? The strongest glass cover in the industry, important for keeping your device intact while on the road.

For travellers, the biggest news is always what’s behind the phone’s top left corner—the camera. The new iPhone 6S features a 12MP iSight lens with 50 percent more pixels than previous iPhone cameras, which means more details with little to no impact on quality. Apple also added a front-facing flash: it simply letting the phone’s screen act as a fill light—a feature designed specifically for better selfies.

We’re particularly excited about Live Photos—one of the day’s larger announcements. Take one and you’ll capture video automatically alongside your still image, allowing that image to come to life with a tap of the finger. And no small feat, iPhones will now shoot said video in full 4k resolution—the state-of-the-art industry standard.

One development to look forward to that has nothing to do with your travel snaps? Wi-Fi speed, an important consideration for travellers who want to avoid roaming charges. With the latest phones, you’ll get twice the speeds wherever you are—which is truly something to celebrate.