5 top fitness tips from Bond girl Naomie Harris

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you’ll know that yesterday was the premiere of one of the most hotly-awaited films of the year. Bond number 24, Spectre.

The glitziest and most glamorous of the world’s elite were all at the opening-night event at the Royal Albert Hall. Even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hot footed it to the London venue.

Perhaps the most entrancing of the female stars who turned up was actor Naomie Harris, who plays field agent turned chief assistant Moneypenny.

Her role over the last two films has been nothing if not physically demanding, particularly in 2012’s Skyfall – you remember, she shot Daniel Craig off of a moving train.

But how does she keep in such awesome, ass-kicking shape? She told Women’s Health, “You have to be fit as an actor as you just never know what you’re going to be required to do.”

Check out Naomie Harris’ top five fitness tips for all you budding Bond girls out there.

1. Quirk it up

Harris likes to keep fit with some pretty out there sports and activities. Of course, she does common sports too, but apparently she loves to “practice gyrotonic”. Which is mixture of yoga, reformer pilates and tai chi.”

Sounds interesting. Perhaps taking up an unusual exercise regime like gyrotonic could be the key to getting you engaged in the world of fitness?

2. Cut out… everything

Miss Moneypenny is no stranger to cravings just like the rest of us, but her iron will helps her pull through the tough times.

She’s cut out sugar, caffeine and alcohol on her quest to be the hardest action star on the planet. Still sure you want to be a Bond girl now?

3. Breakfasts at Moneypenny’s

Harris has one rather strange eating habit, breakfast.

She said, “I have a massive breakfast. I have the weirdest breakfast ever, everyone is always really weirded out by my breakfast.”

“Basically I don’t see any difference between breakfast and lunch. So I will have the same for lunch as I’d have for breakfast – I’ve had Shepherd’s pie in the morning. Or sometimes fried fish and vegetables,” added the 39-year-old.

4. Splash

Swimming is always on the agenda for Harris, and the pool is one of her favourite places. Combined with an exercise regime that has a major marital arts slant (gyrotonic is derived from far eastern fighting sports), Bond’s favourite sidekick makes for a formidable enemy.

5. Shell out for help
Read more about Naomie Harris’ fitness life here at Women’s Health.

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