4 reasons you NEED this new adblocker app for iPhone

Sick of those in-app adverts ruining your Candy Crush session? Or maybe you’re sick of having to wait five seconds to read the article you tapped on.

Well, those days are over. Meet Been Choice, the new adblocker app for iOS that’s just been approved by Apple. It lets you choose whether to let ads and trackers on certain apps through to your phone.

It’s a complete no-brainer to download, but if you’re still not convinced, allow us to knock you off the fence. The only question is, will it be allowed to stay up?

1. Cash dollar money 

Been Choice will also pay you a monthly amount if you opt to watch the ads it blocks – Warning: you have to let them share your behavioural data with third parties for this.

2. It’s super smart, and effective

The app works by running all of your internet browsing through their own VPN (virtual private network), which scrambles your IP address and prevents apps from tracking who you are. Clever huh?

Been Choice is so good at what it does that it even manages to block ads in Apple’s own news application!

why you need this adblocker app been choice

Image credit: Apple App Store

3. It’ll give the big boys a run for their money

The new development could mean big changes are afoot in the digital market. Google and Facebook rely heavily on user data for their business models and Been Choice represents a formidable threat to them.

4. It’s free!

Quite simple this, the developers could have made an absolute killing by charging even a small amount per download, but they didn’t, so we can keep a little change in our pockets. What nice people.

Download Been Choice for free from the App Store here

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