4 reasons why you need Facebook’s answer to Spotify

Not content with being a one-stop shop for catching up with friends and organising your entire life online, Facebook is now trying to get in on the music streaming game with its new feature platform Music Stories.

The new release allows users to share 30 second clips directly to your news feed. It’s compatible with Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify at the moment and is geared at allowing greater music discovery online.

Still not convinced? Check out these four reasons why you need Zuckerberg’s latest tech update in your life.


1. Simples

You’d have thought Facebook would’ve massively overcomplicated things the way they did with emojis a few months ago. But not so!

To post a 30 second clip on your wall as a ‘Music Story’ all you have to do is go to your streaming service’s ‘Share’ menu, copy and paste the link of the track and put it in your status and voila!

2. You’re a fruit fiend

The bad news (or good depending on your tech affiliations) is that the service is only available on iOS currently.

There are plans to expand the service to Android and other mobile platforms but for the moment if you don’t own any Apple products you’ll just have to wait.

3. New music machine

If, like us, you love scouting out the newest music talent online, then Facebook Music Stories is perfect for you. It makes it easier than ever before!

You’ll be able to scour your news feed from the moment you get up til the second you doze off in bed. It makes perfect sense!

4. Help a brother out

In a perfect world music streaming platforms would be forced to pay an acceptable proportion of their incomes straight back to the artists who produce the music. But this isn’t so, and each artists earns
Now what?