4 reasons you should work a season in Queenstown

Lara Lain left her glitzy career in the media behind in January 2014 to go and work abroad. She bought a one way ticket to Thailand…and ended up going around the world twice, visiting over 10 countries, working in Australia, Queenstown, Thailand and volunteering in Brazil for the FIFA World Cup during her travels.

Lara had worked at LOOK magazine for four years and left a life she loved in London to pursue a world of the unknown. She wants to inspire others to follow their heart – if she can do it anyone can! Lara currently writes from her apartment overlooking Bondi Beach, her little haven which she considers her ‘ultimate dream’.

Today Lara is sharing what she learned from her time living in New Zealand.


Image credit: Lara Lain

This time last year I was living in magnificent Queenstown, New Zealand.  I used to declare ‘I live in a postcard!’. It will be always be the most beautiful place I have ever had the pleasure of laying my thankful eyes on.

Aside from the glaringly obvious charm of this little place among the mountain peaks, Queenstown offers so much opportunity for new life experiences that will nurture you for your future wherever you decide to lay down your roots.

1. You life a better quality of life

Queenstown is the proud owner of some of the freshest air on this planet. You may not be an ‘outdoorsy’ person but it will definitely bring out that side of you. Think walks by the vast Lake Wakatipu, picnics on the mountain tops, frisbee golf and biking your way between wineries. Your list of things to do becomes endless – you’ll find your body super-fit and your skin glowing in no time.

2. You find new confidence in yourself

Being the Adventure Capital Of The World, it wouldn’t be right to stay in Queenstown without doing something that scares the daylights out of you! Do the daunting Nevis with AJ Hackett, the pioneers of bungy jumping. It’s one thing I have done that is almost impossible to explain – the high was so good I did it twice! If heights aren’t your dig don’t worry – white water raft, speed boat across the lake, extreme mountain bike, ski the list goes on and on … pick something you can handle and go all guns blazing!

3. You have many career opportunities at your feet 

Queenstown is known for having many hospitality (‘hospo’) jobs. If you’ve come from an office based role, like many who do a season there don’t fret. Try your hand at something you haven’t done before. I was Assistant Manager at the Best Western. It was something I had never done before and it really opened my eyes to a different way of working. Consider ski resorts, hostels, plush restaurants or wineries. You will undoubtedly gain great insight into new career options.

4. You can easily access more of New Zealand

Although Queenstown is ultimately THE place to go in New Zealand, it isn’t the only one worth visiting. If you’re based there for a while you have easy access to fly internally to the North Island. You can explore Auckland and everywhere in-between to Wellington. I that route by road for a week to celebrate my birthday, it was breath-taking every day!

If the thought of a working experience away from home excites you, you can’t get any further or more exciting that Queenstown! Find out more about Queenstown and if you ever go, be sure to pack your camera!

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Image credit: Lara Lain