5 reasons to stay single…for now

Being single isn’t always easy, but it can have awesome effects on your mental and physical health. It’s time to look at the positives and embrace your independence – you’re worth it!

Here are five reasons why staying single for ages will really boost your next relationship.

1. You will be mentally stronger

Independent women tend to be mentally stronger. If you know that you can look after yourself then you won’t need to rely on anyone else. Your relationship will thrive if you are in it because you want to be, not because you feel you need to be with someone.

2. You will be more confident

Being single makes people feel a lot more secure in themselves. You won’t feel you have to be in a relationship to boost your self-esteem, instead you will get into something because you want someone to complement your life. If you love yourself then you will find happiness with someone far more easily.

3. You will be in better shape

Studies suggest that single people are more likely to be looking after their bodies. This could be because you tend to have a bit more time on your hands when you’re single, but that’s absolutely no bad thing. Getting in shape and improving your health will make you feel 100 times better about yourself, boost your self-esteem and sky-rocket your confidence. So when the right person does come along, you’ll be looking and feeling the best you can.

4. You will have better standards

If you know that you are fine without a boyfriend then you will be more picky when it comes to choosing your next one. People who don’t like being alone tend to rush into relationships with people that aren’t right for them, just because they want the security. This isn’t the right way to go about a relationship! Set yourself better standards now whilst you’re single.

5. You will be more adventurous

People in relationships, on the whole tend, to play it safe. How many of your friends have ditched your girl’s night out plans to stay in with their men? If you appreciate being single and are used to it, then you are less likely to let a relationship take over your whole life. You will bring your adventurous side from single life to taken life.