4 reasons to stay in this winter

Winter is upon us and there’s no escaping it. The weather is turning and as much as we love a thick winter coat, we don’t think we’ll fancy venturing out once we hit November. 

Call us boring, but this winter we are all replacing the big night out with cosy nights in. Here’s 3 ways to make the most of your big night in.

1. In-house beauty treatments

Give your skin a break from make-up and treat it to some extra attention. Luckily for you, we’ve picked our favourite products for giving your skin and hair a treat, so grab a few of these from the shops and get ready for a pamper night in.

2. Great TV

All the good TV shows are starting back again, and our Friday night viewing has got too tempting to miss. I’m not talking X Factor, although I am loving Rita Ora’s presence a little bit. No, I’m talking Gogglebox, First Dates, Fargo, and, although it just finished, Doctor Foster had pretty much the entire country gripped. Pull up a chair and get acquainted with your remote, because we are entering THE season for good telly. You can also chuck on a comforting film and get really cosy.

3. Food

I realise that you can eat out and everything, but why not stay in and cook? I’m really into SORTEDfood at the moment, and their Big Night In series will have you breaking out those frying pans and stowing your wallet. Invite friends round (with a BYOB stipulation of course) and impress with some cosy winter comfort food.

4. Save money

We know that going out means blowing money on things. Why is life just SO expensive? Well staying in means that you won’t have that temptation. Snuggle down into your sofa and think of all the shopping fund money you are saving.

Now what?