4 reasons Facebook’s emojis are better than the dislike button

Facebook is finally letting users do more than just ‘like’ stuff on their news feed, and we’re excited.

Instead of a simple thumbs up decision, Facebookers can now hold the like button to reveal a range of emojis they can choose from.

The setup includes the traditional ‘like’ button, as well as ‘love’, ‘haha’, ‘yay’, ‘wow’, ‘sad’ and ‘angry’. And if you’re  bit confused then you might want to suggest Zuckerberg adds to the list…

We reckon it’s a big improvement on the original idea just to include a standard ‘dislike’ option, which could have been a disaster. Here are four reasons the new ‘Reactions’ blows the ‘dislike’ button out of the water.

1. The trolls are kept under the bridge

Having a dislike button would’ve just given carte blanche for the internet’s ne’er-do-wells to make us all feel bad. Upgrading the system means they’re kept in the background.

2. Who doesn’t use haha?

So many people had reported the lack of a ‘haha’ option in bug reports that FB kind of didn’t have a choice on that front. Besides, how on earth can we tell if someone’s be sarcastic or not without it?!

3. Everybody disliked the dislike

You couldn’t move for hearing people complain about Facebook’s plans to introduce a dislike button when it was rumoured.

Most were just scared their profile pictures would be raided by pranksters, but in the end, why introduce a new feature nobody wants?

4. Positivity is the key to happiness
Facebook’s ‘Reactions’ are currently being tested on small samples but will be rolled out globally over the coming months

Now what?