4 quick & easy workout sessions you can do before bedtime

Gym memberships are expensive and unless you live within walking distance of your nearest beefcake factory, establishing a gym habit can be difficult. So why not workout in your bedroom?

A few reps of some basic exercises can do wonders to keep you in shape if done enough and routinely. None of these will require equipment, they are purely bodyweight routines. Here are 4 quick and easy workout exercises you can do before bedtime to keep you in shape and get a better night’s sleep.

1. Jump Squats

Place your feet shoulder-width apart, sit back into the squat (don’t bend) and drive your weight through your heels until you’re airborne. Land catlike on the balls of your feet and return back to the squat position. The intensity of the jump is totally up to you, or whether not you have neighbours living below you.

2. T Push-Ups

This one might be too advanced for some but once you’ve mastered the standard push-up give this twist a go. On the pushing element of the push-up, shift your weight to your dominant side and lift your other hand in the air while rotating your torso until you are facing sideways. Lower yourself on an exhale back to the floor slowly and repeat with the other side.

3. Down Dog to Up Dog

This is one for the yoga fanatics and looks a lot like a human explaining how a dolphin moves. Starting with your lower back in the air (downward dog), lower yourself onto the floor with your elbows locked adjacent to the rest of your body. As you push your weight through to the Up Dog position be sure to keep your hips and thighs off the ground and arch your spine which sounds painful but is actually part of the exercise.

4. Supermans

An ironic title seeing as the exercise has you lying flat on the floor, wheezing and praying for someone to save you. Starting flat, roll onto your belly and reach your arms above your head while keeping you legs straight. Lift you right arm and left leg simultaneously. Rinse and repeat until you feel tuckered out, have a shower and get a great nights sleep.

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