Refresh your feed by following these 5 Instagram accounts

Tired of looking at babies, brunches and beaches? You’re in need of a quick feed refresh to liven up those lunch breaks and inspire you to do great things.

Luckily for you, we’ve got four accounts you can follow for an instant Instagram update, so follow away to infuse your feed with a bit of excitement.

Ballerina at window

Image Credit: Instagram @sleektechnique

1. Sleek Technique

Set up by professional ballet dancers and stage performers, Victoria and Flik, Sleek Technique offers online exercises that combine ballet-inspired aerobics and cardio. Their stunning images will have you reaching for your 90s ballet pumps before you know it.

Cranes in mist in Japan

Image Credit: Instagram @natgeo

2. National Geographic 

Warning, this one might just make you want to instantly quit your job and catch the next flight to Sri Lanka to become and elephant mahout. With stunning images of wildlife, landscapes and communities all around the world, this account injects some much-needed escapism into your feed.

Image Credit: Instagram - meringuegirls

Image Credit: Instagram – meringuegirls

3. Meringue Girls

Food porn at its finest, this is the Instagram account behind Meringue Girls. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then this is perfect for you. Take a look at their fluffy offerings as they snap their meringues of every theme and colour. Lots of fun and LOTS of colour, and take a look just in time for Halloween for their themed foods.

Image Credit: Instagram - deliciouslystella

Image Credit: Instagram – deliciouslystella

4. Deliciously Stella

Just to throw a little humour into the mix, this is the perfect account to follow if you’ve had enough of being told how to #gettheglow or if you can’t face another photo of a smoothie bowl. Deliciously Stella takes a playful poke at all the health fads with hilarious updates and relatable moments.

Bedroom scene

Image Credit: Instagram @apartmenttherapy

5. Apartment Therapy

“Saving the world, one room at a time.” This small-space focused account is perfect for simple home improvement inspiration. Follow Apartment Therapy and you’ll be adding beautiful detail to those nooks and crannies in no time.