4 grooming tips for men that will keep the face fresh without breaking the bank

The cold winds can be brutal on the face during the winter months. With the cost of facial hair and combating of dry skin, this time of year can be brutal on the wallet for the grooming-conscious male.

But don’t just throw money at the problem. With a few tips from the industry’s most knowledgeable names and Fashion Beans you can keep your grooming game on point without it costing an arm and a leg.

1. Learn what ‘a pea-sized amount’ means

Steven O’Neill of The Grooming Clinic reckons that “90% of people use too much product”. You don’t need more than a blob of face wash and moisturiser to sufficiently keep your mug in good nick. The same could be said for shampoo. Fragrance and aftershave should be applied to the clothes and hair if possible, the neck and wrists disperse the scent quicker warranting a sly reapplication at lunchtime.

2. Every product has more than one use

“A good facial cleanser will thoroughly cleanse without stripping or drying”, says Malin+Goetz. Your bathroom shelf should have a sensible amount of products on it and not resemble an apothecary’s rack. Invest in decent razors and shaving brushes instead of using disposables and avoid spending a fortune on exfoliators and moisturisers because your tools are tearing your face apart.

3. Make your own products

You might not be a world class inventor but you can use the oddities lying around your house to save some cash. “Coconut oil isn’t just good for cooking and smoothies, it makes a great cleanser, is an excellent pre-shave, and in summer it hydrates your skin like a body moisturiser” says Mark Smith. Also, apparently you can mix clothes detergent with your shampoo to combat oily hair, who knew?

4. Looks can be decieving 

Just because the adverts back up their face cream with some fancy ‘molecular science’ talk doesn’t mean you owe them your custom. Focus on the ingredients more than the label and you’ll find that with a little research into your skin type and what you want in a cream, the cheaper option might be just as good.

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