4 apps you need to shake up your weekend

Another weekend is here and we’re busy making plans. Whether it’s a new bar to try or maybe fitting in a quick work-out, we want to make the most of our days off.

We’ve picked out 4 of our current favourite apps for making the most of the weekend, so download them now and don’t let those days go to waste!

1. Antidote London

This brilliant app aims to take the stresses of daily life and the working week, and set you up with events that will make you shake it all off. They run fun events that will make you forget your worries and have a laugh, whether it’s a Grease singalong or a Hula Hoop class. It’s the perfect solution to any stresses that have piled up.

2. Great Little Place

One of our favourites for uncovering new places to visit in London, GLP has the inside knowledge on big names, new openings, pop-ups and undercover hotspots. Set up like Tinder, GLP allows you to swipe left or right for events, experiences, bars and restaurants you fancy or don’t, so you can cater to your own interests.

3. Uncover

For anyone London-based, Uncover is the “curated dining” app that you need to make eating out easy. You can browse, choose, book and pay all from your phone, making for a seamless night. Each day they provide new suggestions, keeping it fresh and always offering up exciting new places to try.

4. TruBe

Push yourself this weekend by trying out some new fitness classes. TruBe allows you to shop around for a personal trainer and class style, and they can meet you wherever you want, providing any equipment for you. It’s free to download and the sessions are £65 each, so you can fit it into your budget as and when you like! It makes fitness super easy – all you have to do is download the app and get going.

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