3 apparently risky things you can TOTALLY do yourself (and most for free!)

Some seemingly tricky things – like DIY or venturing under the bonnet to fix your car – are actually totally doable. Just make sure you know what you’re doing.

Apart from saving you a ton of cash, undertaking these previously off limits tasks yourself could do wonders for your self esteem, as well as your bank balance.

Check out our top list and get cracking immediately.

1. Taxation time

Ideally nobody would have to do these themselves, or at all to be honest. But unfortunately we don’t all have excess money lying about to pay a fancy accountant to file our taxes for us.

So it’s time to pull out your calculator and get auditing.

Unsure of where to start? Check out these 7 things you need to know about tax.


2. Be a solo traveller

Fretting parents and societal fears shouldn’t stop you from jetting off round the world for a flippin’ good time.

Travelling on your own is frowned upon by middle class society, but it could actually lead to a fuller and more exciting experience than if you had waited for friends or family. And it is totally safe if you’re sensible, like literally everything. Except sticking scissors in the toaster, that is never safe.

3. Fix the car

Obviously there are a huge array of vehicle repairs you’re going to want to leave to the pros, but simple things like changing the oil, replacing windscreen wipers or the battery you can really do yourself.

All you need is a quick scan of the Internet or to ask an older member of your family and they’ll probably know how to do it. Just make sure you’re perfectly clear on the steps and have cross-checked them with somebody who’s carried out the task before, successfully…

Now what?