4 alternative dating events to attend

If Tinder is giving you thumb fatigue and Happn keeps suggesting that weird guy from the second floor, then maybe it’s time to consider turning to some new sources for dating success.

Not that we aren’t all for dating apps here at List for Life, but sometimes it’s nice to get yourself out there and enjoy a good mingle. Obviously this can be terrifying and at times a bit of a dead-end, so wrangle up some single friends and head out to some of these alternative dating nights. If all else fails, you’ll have a laugh.

1. Do something

Dating site Doing Something maintains that “dating is more fun when you’re doing something”. See what they did there? Their aim is to match people up who have common interests or activities, and then they send you on a fun, active date!

From skydiving to ping pong, this can be as extreme as you like. An activity breaks the ice and gives you something to talk about. They hold regular mixers that all revolve around actually doing something during the date, so this is a good one if you fear an awkward silence!

2. One for bookworms

Original Dating has launched a dating event for those who love a good book. Take along your favourite book as an ice-breaker and get chatting to like-minded literature lovers. But think carefully about your choice of book – 50 Shades of Grey might be a big intimate for a first meeting, whereas 7 Nights in a Rogue’s Bed might suggest you’ve been single for a long while (I can say this because I have read it, and at the time, I had been).

3. Zip it

If you’re not one for small talk then this is perfect for you. Shh Dating organises speed-dating events that don’t allow you to use your words, instead you have to communicate without talking. In the first of two minute-long rounds you are allowed to use hand gestures and miming to get to know your date, and in the second round you have to stand completely still and silent. Intense.

4. Save the world

Dating company Give a Damn aims at uniting passionate people. Passionate about world events, that is. The rest comes after if you’re lucky. In their opening, guests were provided with an imaginary scenario in which they had to save mankind. And have a flirt while they did it.

5. Get creative

Doing away with stock questions about star signs, dating company PlayDate set up events where guests can get arty. With ample art supplies ranging from paint to Play-Doh to Lego, these events again get you moving and give you something to talk about. You don’t have to fancy yourself the next Van Gogh (especially the ear-cutting), but you do have to be able to have a laugh, and that’s all.

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