3 things you NEED to do to keep your creative flames alight

If you’re working in a creative industry, give yourself a pat on the back. While some people roll up to the office, complete tasks and go home – you’re expected to constantly be bubbling with new, innovative ideas. As somebody who writes words for a living, I can somewhat empathise.

However, creativity should be treated like a muscle. A common misconception is that it’s a gift that some have and others don’t. The reality of the situation is that the ability to be creative can be practiced and perfected. Here are three things you can do to keep your creative flames alight, as inspired by DesignTaxi.

1. Break out of a routine

Monotony kills creativity after a while. If you find a good groove in a place or time that works for your creative mind, then roll with that until it becomes routine. You’ll find that after a while you’ll be coming up with the same ideas day-in, day-out. Steer away from your comfort zone and experience something different, it’ll inspire you – even if you don’t realise it at the time.

2. No great idea has come from an excuse

“Making excuses to not start something new is like actively refusing inspiration”. Building on point one, you should never turn down an opportunity to try something new because it could totally change your life andĀ give so much more material for the creative side of your brain to work with.

3. Don’t be so protective

People are very precious about their best ideas. For some reason, and we all do it, there’s an ever-present fear that someone might steal or copy your breakthrough scheme or concept. However, keeping ideas to yourself will do more harm than good. Without sharing, you’ll never get the invaluable feedback and perspectives you need to let a great idea become a brilliant one.