3 reasons why we should all be taking MORE selfies

Hands up who loves posting a selfie (or two) of themselves when their look is just completely on-point? Yep. We thought so. Selfies are an undeniable part of being a millennial so why not embrace them?

And while selfies might sometimes get a bad reputation for perhaps being a bit vain or self-indulgent, or be associated with certain celebrities *ahem Kimmy K*, there’s a reason why so many people love them so much, and they’re actually not as bad as you think.

1. You’re in control

Ever had a notification that a friend has uploaded a photo of you and you have no idea what you’re going to look like? Or even remember back in the old days when you had to wait until your photo got developed to see what state your photo would be? We all experience the slight pang of panic you get before seeing the finished product of your trusted photographer. Well, what better way of controlling how you want to represent yourself than being your own paparazzi.

2. Blow away those insecurities

We all have insecurities or things about ourselves and our own bodies that we’re not confident about – we’re only human after all. But kick those doubts away and show them who’s boss and share your best fame face. Be the most comfortable in your own skin, by sharing photos of you comfortable in your own skin.

3. Visual timeline

One of the best things to come out of the advancement and growth in popularity of social media is that it’s easier than ever to keep a virtual diary of our lives. From status and blog posts to good ol’ holiday photos, you can look back on special occasions and have instant access to a personal vault of nostalgia . Your selfies through the ages can show how much you’ve grown and changed over time – from your physical features to your overall style.

Now what?