Protect, tan and contour: The 3 new beauty steps to radiant summer skin

The weather is wreaking havoc on our beauty looks at the moment. One minute it feels like summer and we’re burning, the next minute it’s raining and we’re looking pale (and uninteresting…boo). 

But this new 3 step routine is going to change that – say hello to protect, tan and contour. It’s the new way to get radiant summer skin in a flash. We always give you the best inspiration don’t we?!


Image Credit: Rex Features

1. Protect

Suncare was once an afterthought for travellers and sunbathers, but not anymore. Now we know that it’s so important and simply not worth going without. You will burn, it will be terrible and it probably won’t “go brown” as everyone says. But who said sun cream had to be boring? Piz Buin Instant Glow will be your new holiday BFF – it uses light-reflecting pearls to illuminate the skin. Perfect for all you beach bunnies out there who want to dazzle instead of fry!

Image Credit: Piz Buin

Image Credit: Piz Buin

2. Tan

Tanning has evolved you guys! Yep, it’s now easier to do than ever and unlike days of orange past, tanning is now super flattering. Say hello to Fat Girl Slim’s Hide and Glow Sleek (incredible name, right?!) It’s really a wonder-worker of a product – it smooths imperfections, builds a luminous tan and firms and tones the skin. Could we honestly want any more from a beauty product? And you can apply it after you’ve been out in the sun for a colour top up (see Step 1). Now there’s no excuse not to wear that floaty dress to the office!

Image Credit: Fat Girl Slim

Image Credit: Fat Girl Slim

3. Contour

Yeah yeah everyone is preaching about non-touring right now (we’re looking at you Kim K), but contouring is just too flattering to ignore. Who really wants a moon face when you could have cheekbones? Yep, exactly. We’re loving the Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals right now. It’s good for your skin, it buffs on perfectly AND it contains fake tan to give you an even more glowy look. It’s actually the world-first self-tanning bronzer too, don’t you know! We’re using it with the B. Blusher and Contour Brush.

So there you have it, 3 steps to perfect summer skin!


Image Credit: Vita Liberata